Working of Custom CNC Aluminum

Aluminum machining is not only effective, it is affordable. Even when needing custom CNC aluminum, you will get the most for your money. Of all the earth’s elements, aluminum is the third most abundant. Although widely used, it has only been a primary source for less than a century.

CNC Milling Machines Produce Superior Quality Parts and Components

A key benefit of CNC machine aluminum is that this is material is both lightweight and aesthetically pleasing. However, what makes aluminum machining so attractive is that parts and components are made in less time than it takes to work other materials, including steel. In addition, aluminum extrusions that are CNC machined do not require any type of additional finish. Because this pure metal is so soft, it is common for small amounts of zinc, copper, or magnesium to be added, which enhances strength.

Another reason that CNC machine aluminum is so popular is that this material has a natural, small protective layer that makes it corrosion and chemical resistant. With all of the characteristics of aluminum combined, machining is less complex than when working with other materials. Ultimately, you end up with

a strong part or component that weighs roughly one-third that of steel.

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