What Is CNC Turning?

With CNC turning services, tooling is mounted onto a computer-controlled turret. When operating a machine shop, precision CNC turning is a specific method used whereby a pointed cutting tool feeds parallel onto the surface of material being rotated. For rotation, a lathe is used, which secures and spins the part of the material being machined. Therefore, with cnc turning, the single-point cutting tool removes and shapes the material into the required part.

what-is-cnc-turningFor CNC turning in Ohio from NexGen Machine, we use a dual axis of movement, which could be a straight line or complex angles and curves. Our precision CNC turning centre creates a variety of shapes, including tapered, contoured, plain, threaded, radius, and filleted. With a CNC drilling machine, we provide custom CNC aluminum parts and components in various size batches. The bottom line: Our custom CNC turning meets the needs of every customer.

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Contact Details:

NexGen Machine Company
19768 Progress Drive,
Strongsville, Ohio 44149
Phone No: 440-268-2222
Email: sales@nexgenmach.com


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